Meredith Grey-Shepherd
Surgeon, wife, mother.


Oh I remember that. You were doing the whole no sex thing so Izzie taught you how to knit. God that was so freakin long ago. Oh we’re definitely unbeatable. 


Yeah, and it worked! Shortly. But it worked.


Where do these kids think they can hit on their resident? UGH


Why do I always miss the juicy stuff?

What did he do?


Oh Joe I did miss him. He was always there for us to rant to when we were having problems with our boyfriends or our bosses being our boyfriends. *Laughs* I can imagine he gets all these new stupid interns driving him crazy, we were awesome. Ohhhh whatever! I am so not old….Okay I may be getting a little old but I’m still hot.


He saw me knitting. That’s how personal I got with him. 

No interns can be as good bar clients as we were and will ever be. We’re unbeatable.


Sloan gets annoyed when I steal his phone to play angry birds and beat his top scores.


Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww….My intern just hit on me


Oh boy, this is fun.


Who else would I try to drag along? The only other person I can think of would be Laine, but I’d never call her my ‘plus one’, obviously.


Yeah? Great!

Plus one, it’s kind of a weird term, don’t you think?

So I take it things are good between you two?


Oh for sure. Twisted sister date at Joe’s has to happen and will. It was fun the other night. You made me do too many tequila shots. 


Joe told me he’d missed having us coming over for drinks. I think he’s fed up with all the drunks. I mean, even when we were drunk, we were still funny. Not all drunk people are funny, though. And I didn’t make you do too many tequila shots? Not my fault you’re getting old and more sensitive to alcohol…


I think I found a possible house!


It is. 



You’ll see. Parenthood is crazy, but it’s great.

Homecoming || Derek and Meredith


Derek tilts his head, smiling a little at her words. “I believe you,” He says. “I know what drunk Meredith is like, trust me. Well, I’m glad that you’re home, too.” He smiles. “You hungry? I know it’s late, but if you are, there’s dinner. Or we could just go to bed,” He says, gesturing up the stairs, as he moves to stand beside her, his hands massaging her shoulders.

Meredith stares back at Derek and frowns to what he says that sounded like he knew how she was when she was drunk all too well. “You say that as if I’m always drunk,” she says, rolling her eyes, though with a smile on her face. When he mentions dinner, part of her wants to eat, but she knows she’ll have a bite and will feel like throwing up. She didn’t really eat much all day, but with all the hours of plane she’s done, she feels like she was gone for more than a day, but within a day. Shaking her head slightly, she gulps and sighs. “Bed it is,” she replies with a nod, and leaving her bag downstairs, she heads up the stairs, followed by Derek. “How were the kids today, any fuss? Was Zola mad that I wasn’t home like I’d told her?” she asks in a mutter, not wanting to talk too loud since she didn’t want to wake any of them up.

I Had To || Allison and Meredith


"No!" Allison snaps when Meredith tells her to keep her head in the car. "It’s too hot, I want to feel the wiiiiiind!" She exclaims. "I should tell Evan we-we need to buy a limo," Allie slurs. "That way, I can stick my whole body out the moon roof! Like in-in 13 Going on Thirty," She hiccups. They pull up to her house, and Allie grins, nodding. "Yea, Evan take off my clothes inside. Where’s inside?" She asks after a moment, struggling to push the door open, though Meredith does it for her. She giggles as her sister helps her to the door, and knocks. "I have a key, silly," Allie drawls. "This is my house you knowwww…Evan!" She exclaims as the door opens and her husband appears, looking concerned. "Byeeeee Meredith! I love you so much, you know?" She asks. "Even if you do fly cross the countries when I said not to." 


Getting Allison up to the door is definitely a challenge itself. Getting to the door, she knocks, though turns to Allison who mentions she has a key. “Right,” she mutters, but before she can reach out for it, Evan’s already at the door, turning the knob and opening the door for them. She sympathetically grins up at him and shrugs. “Hey,” she says, and carries Allison inside with his help. Once she’s sat on the couch, she backs away and nods. “I love you, too,” she replies, staring down at her for a few, then gulping, she looks up to Evan. “If you need anything, just call me. I’ll take the car up to my place, but I’ll bring it back here tomorrow, if that’s okay.” She kisses him goodnight, then waves over to Allison, and turning to Evan again, she mutters, “Good luck…” and with a grin, she exits the house, out to the car, and off to her place.